Impossible Foods: The Meat-Free “Meat”

(source: Impossible Foods

As a vegetarian (and ex-carnivore) that constantly longs for the wholesome feeling that eating meat provides I often look for products that come close to the real deal. With the number of vegetarians on the rise in North America it isn’t shocking that supermarkets are beginning to stock numerous products from the ‘artificial meat’ industry. A quick glance around your local Safeway or Save On Foods will reveal several of these such products, ranging from tofurkey (vegetarian turkey) to veggie dogs and even veggie chili. While vegetarian burger patties are available from an array of different companies, most of them range from tastelessness to rubbery mediocrity. Well, endure them no more! Impossible Foods – a company based out of Redwood City, CA – seeks to “give people the taste and nutritional benefits of eating meat without the negative health and environmental impacts of livestock products”. The company has come up with the ultimate meat-free burger (called the Impossible Burger) to rival the taste and texture of any real beef burger while maintaining that it “looks, cooks, smells, sizzles and tastes like conventional ground beef but is made entirely from plants”. However, one might have to wait a bit before being able to readily pick this up at their nearest supermarket. The burger did debut at David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi in July of 2016 in New York City and has had limited releases at restaurant around the US but is still awaiting its mass produced roll-out.

For the planet this could not have come at a better time. One Impossible Burger saves as much water as a 10-minute shower and as many greenhouse gas emissions as an 18-mile car ride, according to the company. Meanwhile, according to (a website specializing in food carbon footprints), one kilogram of beef produces 27 kg equivalent of CO2; this includes all the emissions produced on the farm, in the factory, on the road, in the shop and in your home. So if there was any reason to consider a greener diet there could not be a better product to consider beginning with.


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